Find Your Dream Painting Style of Painting: 
How to Discover and Master Your Creative Voice in Oil Painting
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Change Your Life For The Better
Are you struggling with creating paintings that feel consistent? That have your hallmark? That are meant to be shown off?

If you'd like help with discovering what kind of work you're meant to make and what sets your art apart, then you'll like this.

We're holding a live event on how to identify your unique painting style, and how to bring that style to life in your work, painting after painting.
3 Reasons You Need This Training
Start Making Real Progress
Tired of pursuing painting technique after painting technique, only to feel like you're spinning your wheels? 

To make real, measurable progress, you need to discover the destination you're truly committed to.
Realize Your Creative Potential
Do you want to become the best artist you could be?

Once you begin to make consistent progress toward a goal that truly excites you, the next stop is to become the artist only you are capable of being.
Attract Collectors
Whether you want to make a full-time living from your artwork, or you want to make paintings your family fights over, developing your signature style is essential. 

Finding your style means creating work everyone wants on their walls.
Hey, I'm Chelsea. It's great to meet you!

I help artists to find their unique style of painting and MASTER it using the same techniques that I used to launch a full-time painting career. Whether your goal is to create artwork full time, or to FINALLY reach your painting potential, my superpower is helping you make that dream a reality.

I've had paintings featured in HGTV's Love It or List It, written for the Portrait Society of America, launch a full-time painting career, and have helped dozens of oil painters just like you (no, really -- just like you) find their style and reach their goals as artists.

I'm honored to be a part of journey!
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